The Best Fish Oil for Horses

We all know that omega-3s are supposed to be important for our horse’s coats, joints, digestion, and brain. But getting the right dose — and a good quality supplement — can be tricky.

Here at Wellpride, we focus on making the best equine fish oil so that you and your horse get results. In contrast to most equine omega supplements, Wellpride contains high levels of EPA and DHA (which have potent anti-inflammatory benefits). And, because we work to preserve freshness during production and handling, our Wellpride has a great taste and smell that even picky eaters love!

Set your horse up for success by choosing Wellpride, and get ready to watch your large supplement bills melt away.

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Why Choose Wellpride?

Exceptional Potency

Contains high levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids for maximum potency

Fresh Omega-3s

Better freshness values than most omega-3 products made for people

Safe & Purified

Every batch of our human-grade oil is carefully purified and tested

Dosing Made Easy

Our easy-squeeze bottles make correct and daily top-dress dosing a snap

No Fishy Taste or Smell

Even picky horses love Wellpride’s great orange taste and smell

Wide Ranging Benefits

A one-stop equine omega supplement for skin issues, hooves, joints and more

Wellpride Success Stories

Wellpride sweet itch supplement


Vegas used to suffer from recurring sweet itch. But today with Wellpride, Vegas is sweet-itch free and has a great coat!

Wellpride equine fish oil supplement for hooves


When Sammy developed hoof abscesses, Donna thought she might lose him. But with Wellpride, Sammy made an incredible recovery.

Wellpride omega supplement for joints


For 21-year-old Sonny, Wellpride helps keep his joints limber. And when he doesn’t get his daily dose, he is noticeably stiffer.


Get a fresh omega-3 solution for your aching joints, from our sister company Omega3 Innovations.

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