Cirque Ma’Ceo Star Does Backflips for Wellpride

Cirque Ma’Ceo Star Does Backflips for Wellpride

“Horses have always been part of our lives. They are our co-stars,” says Olissio Zoppe, 42, of Cavallo Equestrian Arts, LLC, in Myakka City, Florida. A lifelong showman and horseman, his Cirque Ma’Ceo and its equestrian acts are redefining the art of the circus.

What makes Cirque Ma’Ceo so exceptional are its costars, which include some of the world’s most rare and threatened breeds. By introducing them to the public through their performances, he hopes to spur awareness for the fragile beauty and versatility of each precious horse.

Each equestrian-themed show weaves acrobatics, aerial, dance and equestrian arts into a story set to music. “We take you back to the roots of the gypsy circus heritage,” he says. “From daredevil Cossack riding to the Aerial Chandelier.”

The first trick Olissio learned on a horse was a vault, and it remains both the easiest – and hardest – skill to teach or perform. “The easiest is a standard vault. The hardest is a backwards somersault, where you must land back on the horse while it is cantering.”

Probably the most challenging feat he performs today is a show-stopping Cossack trick where he goes under the belly of a galloping horse and back into the saddle from the other side.

Cirque Ma’Ceo
A snapshot of the Cossack trick in action! Photo credit: Cirque Ma’Ceo.

Like most riding, a performance is only as good as the heart the horse working with you puts into it, too. Olissio makes it a priority that his horses are not just equine ambassadors of conservation, but partners who like their job and want to perform.

“We always make sure to find the job a horse enjoys,” he says, so audiences see the connection shared between a performer and horse; like the one he shares with his high-speed Cossack partner, Presente.

“Presente is a very noble and loyal horse who loves his job. He is olde, but in great working condition as a trick riding horse. We want to keep him as strong as possible so he can continue to impress crowds and do what he loves.”

To assure that the show indeed does go on for his 22-year-old ‘elder equine statesman,’ Olissio supplements Presente with daily doses of Wellpride® equine fish oil. He had learned about the product through the recommendation of a videographer the circus hired to film the show.

“We noticed his age was beginning to show and he seemed a bit more tired.  Since we’ve been using Wellpride, his coat is glossier and his mood has elevated. He is fed two ounces of the supplement, once daily, each morning. We’re thrilled with the results.

“I would say do your horse a favor and give them Wellpride, and help keep them strong, well preserved, and happy,” says the ninth-generation horseman, whose circus forefathers taught him the most valuable lesson about working with horses is to always use patience. “I think my family would have used Wellpride too, had it been available.”

Cirque Ma’Ceo pyramid pose
“The reason this show is so special is the portrayal of friendship and connection between horse and rider,” says Olissio. Photo credit: Cirque Ma’Ceo.

Presente will be shining in the spotlight when Cirque Ma’Ceo comes to the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, December 18-20, in Ocala, Florida.

“A circus will show you a whole new meaning to eating, sleeping, drinking your work and passion. The reason this show is so special is the portrayal of friendship and connection between horse and rider. Every performance is unique, for the simple fact that each horse and rider expresses their own passion in each and every show.”

Watch for that connection between Olissio and Presente, and you might also catch an expression of thanks… for the Wellpride.


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