Wellpride Fish Oil Info & Benefits

Wellpride Fish Oil Info & Benefits

Wellpride Oil Info & Benefits

For the freshest, most natural fish oil for horses, reach for Wellpride®! Our clinical-grade formula provides the most effective omega-3 fish oil dosage.

We’re so confident in our product that we’ll even refund your first bottle if your horse doesn’t like it.

Wellpride fish oil

How to Find the Best Omega-3 Horse Supplement

Just like with humans, omega-3 fatty acids for horses are incredibly important for cell function. But not just any omega-3 will do! When it comes to getting the wonderful benefits of fish oil, three things matter most:

1) Freshness

Not only is oxidized omega-3 oil less effective at providing health benefits, but animal studies show that oxidized fatty acids actually might be harmful. You wouldn’t consume rancid fish oil, so why should your horse?

2) Correct Dosing

Due to palatability issues, many owners don’t feed enough omega-3 fish oil to their horses. Luckily, even the most finicky horses appreciate Wellpride’s fresh formula and delicious citrus flavor.

Best of all, our easy-squeeze bottles make correct dosing a snap!

3) Daily Intake

If you want to see results, horses need a full dose of omega-3 fish oil each day. Depending on their weight and age (and whether they experience conditions like arthritis or sore hocks), a 1000- to 1200-pound horse should consume between 1 to 2 ounces per day.

How We Protect Wellpride’s Freshness Level

When it comes to omega-3s, freshness equals potency and safety. Unfortunately, many omega-3 products – particularly for animals – are rancid long before they’re brought home to the barn.

Here is what we do differently with our Wellpride oil:

1) We Start with High-Quality Fish Oil

Wellpride is a top quality, human-grade fish oil. At the time of bottling, Wellpride oil has a peroxide level of under 2 meq/Kg – that’s well below the industry freshness standards set for humans!

Wellpride omega-3 for horses freshness comparison2) We Only Sell Wellpride in 30-Ounce Containers

When you open any bottle of fish oil, you immediately expose it to air. From that point, you have a limited amount of time before the omega-3 molecules start to oxidize, creating the notoriously bad taste and smell of old fish.

Wellpride bottles are sized so your horse can finish it before there’s a whiff of oxidation. Once you crack a Wellpride bottle open, use it up within 6 weeks to ensure optimal freshness.

3) We Design with Freshness in Mind

Typical pump bottles or jugs push oxygen into the bottle, kickstarting the oxidation process.

Our Wellpride bottle, however, is equipped with a special squeeze mechanism that lets you measure the appropriate dose for your horse without exposing the rest of the oil in your bottle to air.

The Benefits of Omega-3 for Horses

Wellpride’s fresh omega-3 fatty acids (particularly of the EPA and DHA variety) can positively affect a variety of equine health issues: 

Omega 3 benefits for horses

Around 20% of the fats in the brain should be made up of the right types of omega-3s. Without enough of them, the brain can’t function properly, increasing the risk of moody, unfocused, and forgetful behavior.


Fighting inflammation is what long-chained fatty acids do best. Reducing inflammation in the lungs and airways can in turn help lessen irritation and decrease the risk of EIPH and Equine Asthma (e.g. RAO, heaves, IAD).


An imbalance of omega-3s and omega-6s promotes systemic inflammation. That can explain why research indicates that competitive and older horses’ joints hold up better with increased omega-3 intake. For more information, read our article on osteoarthritis. Plus, catch Sonny’s Story to hear what benefits Wellpride users have seen for their senior horse’s joints.

Skin and Coat

When supplementing omega-3s, it’s common to see skin issues like dermatitis, dry skin, and psoriasis fade away. Discover what one Wellpride user said about her horses’ recovery from sweet itch (SSRD).


Wellpride delivers a calorically-dense, cold source of energy. This means that the omega-3 fish oil fats do not make a horse jumpy or unmanageable. Delivering 2.5 times the energy concentration of carbohydrates, fish oil also doesn’t create any of the pro-inflammatory problems associated with processed oils and corn oil for horses.


Wellpride users often report a noticeably faster and better recovery after exertion. And omega-3 research from human trials show that omega-3 supplementation can help athletes build more muscle mass.

Hoof Integrity

Omega-3s can help promote healthy hoof growth and strength by combatting pro-inflammatory omega-6s. There’s also evidence that supplementation with omega-3s can impact laminitis. Read Clark’s Story and Sammy’s Story to learn how Wellpride has helped older horses with severe hoof problems. 


Research shows that omega-3s may help prevent ulcers in other species, and strong anecdotal evidence shows similar results in horses. In addition, new research shows that omega-3s are associated with improved microbial health.

Why Wellpride’s Purity Levels Matter

Wellpride is made from a blend of anchovies, herring, and small mackerel. The raw oil goes through a rigorous purification process to remove toxins and heavy metals, ensuring that it passes strict purity standards. In addition, each batch of Wellpride comes with a certificate of analysis (You can view a sample of the certificate below, featuring our typical values).

To see our most recent certificate of analysis, please send us an email. We encourage you to ask any fish oil brand you’re considering to provide their own certificate of analysis for comparison.

Free Fatty Acids (%) 0.09 max 0.25
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 19.9 min 18.0
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 12.8 min 12.0
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids (%) 40.7 min 30.0
Peroxide Value (meq. O2/kg) 1.4 max 3.5
Anisidine Value 8.8 max 10.0
TOTOX Value 11.6 max 15.0
Dioxins (pg (WHO TEQ)/g) conforms max 1.0
PCB Congeners (28;52;101;118;138;153;180)(mg/kg) conforms max 0.09
Arsenic (mg/kg) conforms max 0.1
Mercury (mg/kg) conforms max 0.005
Lead (mg/kg) conforms max 0.1