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Support your horse’s joint, coat, hoof and digestive health with Wellpride, a fresh fish oil delivering effective doses of omega-3s. Each 30 ounce bottle provides a one-month supply for an average 1000 – 1200 Ib horse, and is made with a citrus flavoring that even finicky horses love.

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Wellpride is America’s #1 fresh omega-3 fish oil with natural EPA/DHA for horses. The high potency, clinical grade formula is backed by research from the world’s leading universities. Wellpride is made from the highest-grade fish oil available, following GMP standards with an advanced purification process to remove all pesticides and heavy metal residues.

2 reviews for Wellpride (1 Bottle)

  1. Skye (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! The best out there by far. I will never be taking my horse off. I have a 6yo OTTB and he had bad ulcers That made him crib and suck on his tongue / a lot of anxiety, he’s been on this for almost a year and it’s really changed him so much! He’s relaxed and much nicer to be around. If you think your horse has a ulcers TRY THIS ! He’s filled out as well and is really turning out to be fancy thanks to this product!

    • Wellpride Team (verified owner)

      What a lovely review, Skye! We’re so glad to hear that he is thriving with Wellpride. Thank you for taking the time to share this update with us. 🙂

  2. Karon Ely (verified owner)

    Been on wellpride for almost a month with 33 year old cushings, laminetic, foundered retired driving pony. She is on lot’s of stuff and is doing well but her coat was dry and her skin not supple. Her coat was frizzy as well. Now her coat lays down well and is soft. Dry skin gone and replaced with supple well hydrated feel. Hard to say if it has helped inflammation but after 10 days of being on it, her hooves have stayed cool. She had started having some problems with abscesses, so I am hoping maybe the oil will help with that as well. She’s the sweetest girl and I am thrilled she is benefitting from your oil.

    • Wellpride Team (verified owner)

      Thank you for this great review, Karon! We’re thrilled to hear about the coat improvements you’re already seeing with Wellpride after just one month! We’re confident that you’ll continue to see even more effects for inflammation and her hooves in the coming weeks. Usually it’s about a 6 – 12 week process for the omega-3s to fully saturate the cells.

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