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Sonic Bob’s Story

"Wellpride fish oil for horses is a fantastic product, it has helped my horse Sonic Bob tremendously. He is a very old horse with severe arthritis (rated 7 out of 10 in severity with ringbone, per vet, I've had him x-rayed), and I have been trying him on a host of joint supplements for over a year, searching for something that would help him. I have even tried steroid injections, to no avail..."


Gaviotta’s Story

"I started my favorite polo pony, who is too cool for words but old enough to vote, on Wellpride at the beginning of the season in an effort to keep her playing one more year. She has navicular issues and the accumulated injuries of a former high goal pony, and most years she was lame as often as she was sound..."


Ivy’s Story

"I am normally a skeptical soul when it comes to any type of supplements, but I am impressed with how Wellpride has given relief to my horse Ivy. Two months ago my veterinarian from Rood and Riddle, Dr.Brian Fraley, recommended that I put Ivy, my four year old Friesian mare, on Wellpride..."


Clark’s Story

Clark, a 23-year-old quarter horse, flinched with pain as Dr. Sally Wade led her pride and joy out of the stall and onto the cement walkway. His hooves had been excruciatingly tender for four weeks now. Over the past 12 years, the farrier had struggled with keeping Clark’s horseshoes from falling off his feet. Now