Henry’s Story

Henry’s Story

“When my trainer pulled me aside that cool autumn afternoon and told me she had a horse she wanted me to look at, I just smiled and followed her out of the barn. I had just recently lost my last horse, and the thought of “looking” at a new one so soon was not quite what I was emotionally prepared to do.

However, when we stopped at the top of the hill overlooking the outdoor area, I almost wanted to laugh out loud. Standing in the ring was undoubtedly one of the ugliest horses I had ever seen. I listened with half an ear as my trainer spoke about how he had been recently rescued from a one-way path to the slaughter house, and somehow managed to keep a nice smile plastered on my face.

“Henry” was the biggest mess of a horse I had ever seen. There literally was no meat on his bones. Every rib had about an inch indentation, his hip bones stuck way out to the side, and his neck looked barely big enough to hold his head up. Personally, I thought he looked like a walking skeleton. He moved very nicely though, and I could see why my trainer had been attracted to him in the first place, but in my mind I said “NO WAY! My next horse will NEVER be that ugly!”

Three weeks later he was mine, and we began the long road to recovery. A special blend of grain, with Wellpride oil, as much hay as he could eat, and lots of pasture turn out and a scheduled workout routine was applied, and we quickly began to see results. Henry grew less shy of people, his coat started to get some shine, and his already sweet temperament grew even sweeter.

Three months later, I was astonished when I compared his pictures. The skinny, shy, ugly horse I had bought was now replaced with a sleek, happy, nice looking animal. Henry now gets excited when we go for a ride, and will jump anything I point him at. While we still have a far way to go in training, I am planning on taking him to his first horse show in two months

I know that every situation is unique, but I have to say that I love my little guy’s story. I feel this is a powerful tribute to what a little TLC and good nutrition will do to these animals that have captured out hearts.

Thanks so much Wellpride, for playing your part.”

~ Leah Moorhead and Perfect Timing (a.k.a. Henry)

About The Author

Wellpride LLLP was co-founded by omega-3 experts Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers in 2003 with the support of a veterinarian and researcher consulting team. Wellpride prides itself on making America's #1 fresh fish oil for horses, delivering effective doses of EPA/DHA for optimal joint, digestive, coat, and hoof health.