Sonic Bob’s Story

Sonic Bob’s Story

“Wellpride fish oil for horses is a fantastic product, it has helped my horse Sonic Bob tremendously. He is a very old horse with severe arthritis (rated 7 out of 10 in severity with ringbone, per vet, I’ve had him x-rayed), and I have been trying him on a host of joint supplements for over a year, searching for something that would help him. I have even tried steroid injections, to no avail.

Adding Wellpride to his diet has been key to both his soundness and a revolution in his hoof quality. There were times in the past when Sonic was so lame that I didn’t know if my daughter Bonnie would ever ride him again. Believe me when I say I think I have tried just about everything.

I first became aware of the anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3 marine oil when I began taking it for my own arthritis, and when I had good results, I decided to try to find a fish oil product for Sonic. I did find one product, but it had such a fishy smell to it, that he wouldn’t touch it! Then about two months later, I found Wellpride. He loves the taste. Thank you! Now he is going strong enough so that he can be ridden all the time, which only helps his condition further. Sonic is a super trail buddy, and Bonnie frequently takes him out for a gallop.

My farrier was out this morning to trim Sonic’s feet, and he remarked about the condition of his hooves. Sonic had a deep wire cut in his right front hoof (this happened years before we got him), and the vet said there would always be an indentation from the wire cut (it was deep, he almost lost his whole foot). Now that groove is almost totally normal, and the overall condition of his hooves have improved so dramatically that I am even considering not putting shoes on him next season!

I told the farrier that I owe his hooves to Wellpride! Also, Sonic has a beautiful sheen to his coat! Last summer we took him to a horse show, and he was the shiniest horse there! (He was in the ribbons, by the way – beating out many other horses half his age).

I believe you have a good product, and I intend to keep Sonic on it for good!”

~ Laura Carson

About The Author

Wellpride LLLP was co-founded by omega-3 experts Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers in 2003 with the support of a veterinarian and researcher consulting team. Wellpride prides itself on making America's #1 fresh fish oil for horses, delivering effective doses of EPA/DHA for optimal joint, digestive, coat, and hoof health.