Bronze Medalist John Williams

Bronze Medalist John Williams

“All of our horses – Carrick, Sloopy, Sweepea Dean and Rebus – are on Wellpride. Their coats look fabulous, and their hooves are growing strong quickly; even Carrick, who has always struggled with skin problems and weak hoof walls. Sloopy has an arthritic knee that has begun to bother him as he gets older, but after a couple months on Wellpride, it has improved dramatically and he seems much more flexible in all his joints.

Sweepea Dean’s stamina is steadily improving and he is muscling up noticeably. Ellen and I have been taking the Omega Cure ourselves. Ellen notices that her skin and hair are much healthier. My knee and hip and shoulder (all old injuries) don’t bother me nearly as much as they used to.”

~ John Williams

John Williams is a member of the U.S Olympic Bronze medal team in Athens aboard Carrick, and a perennial top-ten finisher at international “Eventing’s Triple Crown” events Rolex, Badminton and Burghley.

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Wellpride LLLP was co-founded by omega-3 experts Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers in 2003 with the support of a veterinarian and researcher consulting team. Wellpride prides itself on making America's #1 fresh fish oil for horses, delivering effective doses of EPA/DHA for optimal joint, digestive, coat, and hoof health.