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Wellpride Spooky Photo Contest

Love dressing up together with your four-legged best friend? If that’s you, get into the fun of the fall season by snapping a photo together with your horse, and sharing it on the Wellpride Facebook page! The best costumed horse and human will win one bottle of Wellpride (for the equine partner) and one bag


Rider Health: Making Every Number Count

Athletes who compete in equestrian sports understand the importance of numbers. Whether it’s counting strides into a fence, the beats per minute after a cross country or endurance test, or earning a dressage score percentage, every number counts towards the best interests of their horse. But are American riders the best stewards of their own


Using Omega-3s to Treat Laminitis in Horses

What Is Laminitis? Laminitis is one of the most devastating conditions for horses and horse owners alike. Painful inflammation starts in the “laminar interface” hoof tissues, which connect the coffin/pedal bone to the interior hoof wall. As laminitis develops, this attachment starts to wear away, causing the coffin bone to shift and point towards the