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Sonny’s Story

Even before she could walk, Devyn says horses have been her passion, and it’s a love affair that has continued to grow through the years. From the time she started taking lessons at age 6, Devyn knew she was hooked. Today, Devyn is getting a degree in Equine Science. And during her non-academic hours, she spends her time riding and caring for Sonny.


Sonic Bob’s Story

"Wellpride fish oil for horses is a fantastic product, it has helped my horse Sonic Bob tremendously. He is a very old horse with severe arthritis (rated 7 out of 10 in severity with ringbone, per vet, I've had him x-rayed), and I have been trying him on a host of joint supplements for over a year, searching for something that would help him. I have even tried steroid injections, to no avail..."


Ivy’s Story

"I am normally a skeptical soul when it comes to any type of supplements, but I am impressed with how Wellpride has given relief to my horse Ivy. Two months ago my veterinarian from Rood and Riddle, Dr.Brian Fraley, recommended that I put Ivy, my four year old Friesian mare, on Wellpride..."