Wellpride Jumps Into Sport Horse Market

Wellpride Jumps Into Sport Horse Market

Wellpride Jumps Into U.S. Sport Horse Market with Rolex Sponsorship

April 24, 2006 – At Rolex, Wellpride Omega-3 for Horses was introduced to the United States sport horse market.

Previously available in the U.S. only to race horse trainers and a select few others, Wellpride is entering the sport horse market with a full backing of the eventing community. Dr. Bo Martinsen, co-founder of Wellpride, said, “With the extraordinary success of stakes-grade race horses on Wellpride, we felt that the stamina and speed aspect of eventing made it a natural next step. We are proud to be a first-time corporate sponsor of Rolex, and look forward to announcing additional sponsorships in eventing, dressage, and hunter/jumpers very soon.”

Wellpride Omega-3 for Horses is a purified all-natural fish oil, with a light orange flavor horses love. It corrects the modern-day gross imbalance of Omega-3s to Omega-6s in the body, thereby putting the body back into a state of cellular health last seen in the 1950s. With cellular health, owners and trainers are finding, among other benefits, previously unmanageable horses easy to train, bleeders no longer having trouble, hard keepers becoming easy keepers, borderline infertile stallions becoming fertile, hoof quality perfected, strength enhanced, and joint pains eased.

At the press conference this Saturday, Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, co-founder, will speak about the modern Omega-3 deficiency, and clear up the many Omega misconceptions. Also slated to speak are Ian McKinlay, nationally renowned farrier and hoof care educator, and, pending breeding season demands, one of several equine veterinarians from Rood & Riddle with firsthand experience with the extraordinary effects of Wellpride Omega-3 for Horses.

Wellpride will also take enrollments from editors for the Take the Three-Bottle Challenge program. Breakfast, including juice with a shot of Omega Cure fish oil, will be served.

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