Wellpride Becomes Title Sponsor

Wellpride Becomes Title Sponsor

Wellpride Becomes Title Sponsor for American Eventing Championships

August 4, 2006 – Wellpride Omega-3 for Horses® and the United States Eventing Association are pleased to announce a corporate partnership and title sponsorship of one of its biggest productions, the American Eventing Championships, effective immediately.

Dr. Bo Martinsen, co-founder of Wellpride, said, “With the extraordinary success of stakes-grade race horses on Wellpride, we felt that the stamina and speed aspect of eventing made it a natural next step. We are proud to become the title sponsor for the American Eventing Championships.”

The newly monikered Wellpride American Eventing Championships is the U.S. Eventing Association’s national championships, this year held September 20-24 at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, North Carolina. Competitors from all six levels of recognized competition, beginner novice through advanced, will compete for $50,000 in prize money, more than $75,000 in prizes, and national champion bragging rights.

A successful launch to the sport horse world at the 2006 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event set the stage for the expansion of eventing support. Both Wellpride, “The Cure for the Common Supplement™”, and its sister product for humans, Omega Cure®, proved to be immensely popular with the eventing crowd, selling out quickly.

The secret to the popularity of both products among eventers is twofold: first, it’s a tough sport for both horse and human, causing aches and pains and testing competitors’ limits. Known as “‘nature’s best inflammation fighter”, omega-3 is a superb aid to joint health and provides an extraordinary level of pain relief when an adequate daily dose is taken. Second, Wellpride and Omega Cure tap into the widening belief that modern technology and methods have created as many problems as have been solved. Thus, a solution that corrects a modern imbalance rather than band-aiding it has been welcomed.

“The USEA is delighted that the folks at Wellpride made the decision to expand to the eventing world, and that they chose the American Eventing Championships as the venue to make their presence known,” said Jo Whitehouse, CEO of the U.S. Eventing Association. “I cannot think of a better fit than for the top horses and riders in the country to come together to compete at a national championships sponsored by company dedicated to giving our horses, and even riders, the edge they need to stay healthy and perform at their best.”

Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, co-founder of Wellpride said, “At Rolex, I saw that eventers are very savvy about both horse care and nutrition in general. They saw right away the benefits of correcting the modern-day gross imbalance of omega-3s to omega-6s with the most powerful broad-spectrum omega-3 there is, fish oil.”

Amy Daum, the USEA’s Director of Communications, discovered Omega Cure at Rolex and quickly became a fan. “I was drawn in by the science behind the product, but couldn’t believe that fish oil wouldn’t have at least some fishy flavor. I tried a shot of Omega Cure in orange juice, and all I tasted was the juice. So after doing some more research, I signed on for a first shipment and have been taking it with my OJ every morning since. When Wellpride approached me about the AEC title sponsorship I was thrilled, since I knew firsthand the benefits of their product, at least from the human side.”

Wellpride’s form of omega-3 is a purified all-natural human-grade fish oil, with an added light citrus flavor horses love. Unlike other marine-source omega-3 products, it contains the full spectrum of EPA/DHA omega-3, harnessing nature’s powerful synergy so that every system is positively affected – including nervous, dermal (skin, coat and hooves), digestive, muscular, cardiovascular, skeletal and reproductive. Unlike vegetable sources of omega-3 such as flax, which must go through a bio-conversion that wastes, on average, 90%+ of the product, Wellpride’s omega-3 is instantly 100% usable by the body, ensuring that your horse benefits from the supplement. Just one ounce daily for the average horse (two ounces for oversized horses or those with significant issues) puts the body back into a state of natural cellular health last seen in the 1950s.

For more information on Wellpride, please call 866-414-0188, or visit wellpride.com. For more information on the Wellpride American Eventing Championships, visit www.useventing.com, or call Amy Daum at 703-779-0440 ext.3017.

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