Gold Medals Powered by Wellpride & Omega Cure

Gold Medals Powered by Wellpride & Omega Cure

Gold Medals Powered by Wellpride and Omega Cure

July 26th, Sarasota, FL – By now the news is out! The United States swept the 2007 Pan Am Games in eventing last weekend, winning not only team Gold, but individual Gold, Silver and Bronze. What you may not know is that three of the six top-finishing horses and riders were powered by fish oil, specifically Wellpride for Teddy and Gina Miles’ McKinlaigh, and Omega Cure for Karen O’Connor.

Ms. O’Connor started her relationship with Wellpride when she took a few bottles to test at the Wellpride American Eventing Championships in the fall of 2006. She was pleased with the initial results, so Wellpride continued to supply the O’Connor Equestrian Team with product to see how the whole team did on Wellpride and Omega Cure over time.

Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers , MD, co-founder of Wellpride said, “We work only with riders who really desire to use our products, and it’s important to us to give them time to fully evaluate the product. Omega-3 from fish oil is not a magical elixir that improves or fixes things overnight… it takes a couple of weeks to see initial results, and often many months to see full results.”

Karen O’Connor, Teddy the Pony and Miles’ McKinlaigh All Say “Go Fish!”

Ms. O’Connor said, “We have Teddy, Upstage, Allstar, Hugh Knows, Mandiba and Mamzelle de Dun on Wellpride, and David, Max (my groom) and I are all on Omega Cure. The benefits are multiple and truly noticeable, though each person or horse seems to have one benefit that really rises to the top. For Max and I, we really noticed that we don’t ache as much, while David has more energy to keep up with his hectic schedule. Teddy can keep his concentration longer, while Upstage is moving better, despite being 16. The whole string of six seems to have another notch or two of stamina in cross country, and a faster recovery time. Proof of that would be Teddy winning “best conditioned” at Rolex this spring.”

Ms. Miles said, “I am absolutely thrilled with the success of Team USA and of course, my wonderful horse, McKinlaigh. He made the cross-country so easy, zipping around the twisty, turning course as if he was Teddy the pony! We took advantage of the large open galloping sections and when the course turned through the woods, I carefully planned on staying out in the early parts of the turns, so that then I could accelerate as I hugged the rail, like a race car. McKinlaigh was not only the fastest of the U.S. horses, but he also recovered the fastest and was one of only three clean show jumping rounds. This is a changed horse… he used to struggle with respiratory issues, including a tie-back surgery and pulmonary bleeding, plus he’s a large horse so speed on cross-country was not his strongest suit. Looking back, I can say I changed only one thing, and that was to put him on Wellpride last summer. His performance at these Pan Am games is a testament to his fitness, health and well-being after a year of Wellpride.”

Omega-3 from fish oil is considered more powerful than omega-3 from flax, because the fish oil version is the only one that contains a full spectrum of omega-3, including ALA, EPA and DHA, whereas plant sources such as flax contain only the immature ALA. The full-spectrum omega-3 from fish oil has been shown to positively affect brain, heart, muscle, joint, fertility and cellular health and function. Although most research has been done on humans, the research on dogs, cats, birds, horses and cattle show striking resemblance to the human results, suggesting that omega-3 operates on a foundational level that transcends species and the herbivore/omnivore/carnivore classifications.

The O’Connors are joined on Team Wellpride by eventer John Williams, a member of the U.S Olympic Bronze medal team in Athens with Carrick, and, for the last six years, a perennial top-ten finisher at Rolex, Badminton and Burghley. Mr. Williams said, “All of our horses; Carrick, Sloopy, Sweepea Dean and Rebus, are on Wellpride. Their coats look fabulous, and their hooves are growing strong quickly; even Carrick, who has always struggled with skin problems and weak hoof walls. Sloopy has an arthritic knee that has begun to bother him as he gets older, but after a couple months on Wellpride, it has improved dramatically and he seems much more flexible in all his joints. Sweepea Dean’s stamina is steadily improving and he is muscling up noticeably. Ellen and I have been taking the Omega Cure ourselves. Ellen notices that her skin and hair are much healthier. My knee and hip and shoulder (all old injuries) don’t bother me nearly as much as they used to.”

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