Wellpride Becomes Educational Sponsor of AAPF/IAPF

Wellpride Becomes Educational Sponsor of AAPF/IAPF

Wellpride Becomes an Educational Sponsor of the American Association of Professional Farriers

February 20, 2017 – Wellpride, makers of the first omega-3 fish oil supplement for horses, is excited to announce an educational sponsorship with the American Association of Professional Farriers/International Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF/IAPF). AAPF/IAPF is a trade association consisting of full- or part-time farriers and veterinarians from all breeds and levels of hoof care who are interested in equine podiatry. It’s stated mission is to “promote the integrity of the farrier industry by strengthening the knowledge and skills of its members through continuing education and support at the state, national, and international levels while improving overall equine health through collaboration with other industry professionals.”

Wellpride wanted to work with AAPF/IAPF in order to connect with more farriers. “Farriers are on the front line of caring for our horses’ hoof health,” said Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, Wellpride’s founder, along with her husband, Dr. Bo Martinsen. “Fresh omega-3 fish oil can be a powerful tool for helping promote growth and strong, healthy hooves, so it’s a win-win partnership.”

Wellpride’s new sponsorship of AAPF/IAPF means that Wellpride will be attending clinics hosted by the organization and providing educational materials, such as flyers and informational emails, so that farriers can learn more about all of the benefits that fish oil provides for horse hooves and for the overall health of the horse.

“The key benefit for us is that we get to introduce farriers to our Wellpride oil,” said Chalmers. “Many farriers have never considered the benefits of fish oil for hoof health. As an educational partner, we’re able to spread the message.”

Wellpride encourages members of AAPF/IAPF to make use of their referral program and offer Wellpride fish oil to their clients. “Farriers who participate in the program often discover that Wellpride is good for business,” said Chalmers. “This is because Wellpride, as a fresh fish oil, improves hoof growth. In other words, a horse that is using Wellpride regularly typically needs more frequent trims.”

All of the products produced by Wellpride and its sister company, Omega3 Innovations, which makes omega-3 products for people, provide omega-3 essential fatty acids through human-grade full-spectrum fish oil. Research has shown omega-3s to positively improve hoof integrity and hoof growth, as well as impacting focus, respiration, joint health, skin and coat health, energy levels, recovery after exercise, ability to build muscle mass, digestion, and fertility.

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Wellpride, America’s #1 Fresh Fish Oil for Horses, has been dedicated to providing horse owners with the freshest and most potent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which contains enough EPA/DHA to make a positive impact on equine health. The benefits of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) have been scientifically proven in numerous field trials. Wellpride Omega-3 Fish Oil For Horses is a human-grade formula backed by research from leading universities.

The company was founded by Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, a husband-and-wife team with the support of a consulting team made up of researchers and equine veterinarians.

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