Skip's Story

"Four months ago my horse Skip was diagnosed with Lymes disease, with joints blown up so badly he could barely walk. After the medication was finished one symptom remained, a knee so stiff that, when he walked, it was like looking at 'the march of a wooden soldier.'

I had two options: injections, or increase his joint supplement to see what happened in a month of doing that. My horse hates needles and he's young so I always choose the more natural approach. I was speaking with a friend of mine at the race track and they suggested trying Wellpride. I ordered it and about 6 weeks later I started seeing results! My horse was walking with ease and there was a lot of flexibility in that knee. Two months later and he no longer had a stiff knee. Wellpride is the only thing I added so I can say firsthand that it works!!

As I write this, Skip has been on Wellpride for 4 months now and I can really see a difference in his hooves, and his coat is so deep in color and shiny. When he works you can see the muscles and the strength, he is just so healthy. 
Thank you Wellpride!"

~ Kym Tinsley