1. Wellpride (1 Bottle)

    Wellpride is a fresh and natural fish oil for horses, designed to provide effective doses of EPA/DHA for optimal joint, digestive, coat, and hoof health. Each 30 ounce bottle provides a one-month supply for an average 1000 - 1200 pound horse, and is made with a citrus flavoring that even finicky horses love.
  2. Wellpride (6 Pack)

    Save on Wellpride when you buy a 6 pack, featuring 6 of our 30 oz bottles of fresh fish oil for horses. Each 6 pack provides a built-in discount of $5 off per bottle, or $30 off your total order, relative to buying single bottles. Since unopened bottles of Wellpride stay fresh for up to 12 months, the 6 pack is a great deal for horse owners planning ahead or feeding Wellpride to several horses at once.

  3. Wellpride (12 Pack)

    Get a 12 pack of Wellpride to receive our biggest savings on fresh fish oil for horses. Each 12-bottle case provides a built-in $10.00 savings off our regular bottle price, or $120.00 off your order compared to buying single bottles of Wellpride. In addition, you receive free shipping on your order.
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