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Equine fish oil is both relatively new, but has also been around for many years, as old European veterinary texts used to recommend feeding cod liver omega oil to horses. This news reached the ears of Wellpride founders Drs. Bo Martinsen and Anne-Marie Chalmers. Both leading omega-3 experts in the field of human medicine, the co-founders brought Wellpride to market with the close support of a veterinarian and research consulting team.

Much like human omega-3 supplementation, there is a lot of misinformation about what constitutes an effective fish oil dose for horses. And again like in humans, the benefits of omega-3s all depend on freshness, dose, and consistent daily dosing. As one of the first commercial omega-3 fish oil supplements for horses, Wellpride led the way in researching what the effective dose would be for horses, and created an exceptionally high-quality product because we believe that horses deserve the same level of quality in their food sources as humans.

Our Wellpride Story

Since kicking off Wellpride in 2003, it’s been quite a ride. For over a decade, we’ve felt privileged to see Wellpride horses succeed at Devon, Rolex/Land Rover Kentucky, Breeder's Cup, Kentucky Derby, the Pan American Games, World Equestrian Games and Olympics. We’ve also had the great satisfaction of helping rescue horses and older horses get that extra TLC for their hooves, digestive health, and joints.

For our Wellpride formulation, we use a natural fish oil made from anchovies, herring and small mackerel, purified to ensure it is rid of mercury and pesticides. With our easy-squeeze bottle, you can serve your horse the one to two ounces necessary for making a difference. And with no fishy taste or smell, Wellpride is enjoyed by even the pickiest horses.

Regardless of whether you are a competitive horseperson or pleasure rider, we are excited to be a part of your horse’s path to improved wellbeing.

Our History

US Eventing Team at Pan American Games 2007 | Wellpride
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