Wellpride Benefits


Twenty percent of the fats in the brain must be made of the right kinds of omega-3 for optimal functioning. Without enough omega-3, at best the brain doesn't fire properly. At worst, it becomes moody, unfocused and forgetful. 


Reduced inflammation in the lungs and airway means less irritation and enhanced oxygenation of the blood. 

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Without enough omega-3 in the system, omega-6 promotes systemic inflammation. With omega-3, research clearly indicates the joints hold up better to the rigors of competition and advanced aging. 

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Skin and Coat

With enough omega-3 in the system, it's common to see allergic issues, dry skin, psoriasis and all sorts of skin problems fade away. 


Wellpride's omega-3 represents a calorically dense, cold source of energy (meaning omega-3 fish oil fats do not make a horse unmanageable). The energy concentration in fat is about 2.5 times that of carbohydrates, without creating any of the pro-inflammatory problems associated with corn oils or processed feeds. 


Reports from users in the field unanimously report a noticeably faster and better recovery after exertion. Other omega-3 research from human trials show that omega-3 supplementation can help athletes build more muscle mass. 

Hoof Integrity

Omega-3 helps promote healthy hoof growth and strength by combatting the pro-inflammatory omega-6s. 

For more information, read Clark's Story about an older horse with severe hoof problems. You can also read our article on laminitis and omega-3. 


Research shows that omega-3 prevents ulcers in other species, and strong anecdota evidence shows similar results in horses, along with potentially a great protection against colic.   

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