About the Oil


Wellpride with fresh carrots and applesYou want the top quality for your top notch equine athlete. Here at Wellpride, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest fish oil for horses.

Where the Oil Comes From

Wellpride is a human-grade fish oil, made from a blend of anchovies, herring, and small mackerel harvested from the South Pacific Ocean. The raw oil is refined and purified before arriving at our facility in Florida. We then in turn ship Wellpride directly to you.

Wellpride Purity Levels

Wellpride goes through a rigorous purification process. It must pass the Norwegian government’s strict standards for removing any toxins or heavy metals from the oil.

We receive a certificate of analysis with each batch of Wellpride. You can view a sample of the certificate below. Or, to see the most recent certificate of analysis, please send us an email.


CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS - Date of Production 04/07/2016

Free Fatty Acids (%)0.09max 0.25
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)19.9 min 18.0
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)12.8min 12.0
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids (%)40.7min 30.0
Peroxide Value (meq. O2/kg)1.4 max 3.5
Anisidine Value8.8max 10.0
TOTOX Value11.6max 15.0 
Dioxins (pg (WHO TEQ)/g)conformsmax 1.0
PCB Congeners (28;52;101;118;138;153;180)(mg/kg)conformsmax 0.09
Arsenic (mg/kg)conformsmax 0.1
Mercury (mg/kg)conformsmax 0.005
Lead (mg/kg)conformsmax 0.1


Freshness Matters

When it comes to omega-3 (be it from flax or fish), freshness equals potency and safety. Unfortunately, many omega-3 products, particularly for animals, are quite rancid, even before they’re brought home to the barn.

We take several steps to protect Wellpride’s freshness:


We start with high quality oil. 

Our Wellpride oil clocks in at a peroxide level of under 2 meq/Kg at the time of bottling -- well below the industry freshness standards set for humans. 


We only sell Wellpride in 30-ounce containers. 

You will never find Wellpride in gallon jugs, and here’s why: When you open any bottle of fish oil and expose it to air, you have a limited time before the omega-3 molecules start to oxidize. When those molecules oxidize, the oil turns rancid, creating the notorious bad taste and smell of old fish. Not only is rancid oil unappetizing; animal studies suggest oxidized oil could have a negative health effect. 

Each bottle of Wellpride is sized so your horse can finish it long before there’s even a whiff of oxidation in the air. However, once you crack open a Wellpride bottle, use it up within 6 weeks to ensure its freshness. 


We design with freshness in mind. 

Our Wellpride bottle is not just a pretty dispenser. We spent a lot of time creating a bottle that would reduce the oil’s exposure to oxygen during the serving process. 

With typical pump bottles or jugs, oxygen gets pushed into the bottle every time you serve the oil to your horse, kickstarting the oxidation process. Our Wellpride bottle’s special squeeze mechanism lets you measure out the appropriate dose for your horse without exposing the entire bottle to air. This in turn helps keep your Wellpride fresh for longer.

In addition, the plastic container has been reinforced to further block oxygenation. 

 Fish oil is what we specialize in and it is what we love. If you have other questions about Wellpride not answered here, please contact us via phone or email.